When it comes to the buying and selling machinery, there is no one better. We are a conduit, with the sole purpose of connecting the buyer with the seller. Working on both sides of the transaction enables us to network with clients across the globe, providing the best possible platform to sell your machinery.

That same network provides us the opportunity to help you quickly find the equipment you want to purchase – at the best price. If you don’t see the machinery you need on our web site, please call us. Our vast inventory changes daily and we have countless machines that are not listed on the web site!

We are often called in “after the fact” when our clients attempt to sell, or appraise, their own machinery. Often we hear that “Ebay”, and other sites, have “similar equipment” listed in a certain price point…and generally that is followed with an assumption of value and a stagnant sale attempt to follow. Unfortunately, this process not only slows down your sale, but often turns away a good potential customer and attracts a lot of window shoppers.

Instead of this aggravation and spent time, allow the experts at The Levy Recovery Group to assist you in determining your machines actual value…and then to put it to market in a forum that will create true sale potential. Simply fill out the information below, and one of us will call you back soon for your free consultation.