As the industry leader in our field, we provide expert services to companies of all sizes, including some of the industry’s most influential corporations such as Johnson Controls, Metaldyne and Ford Motor Company. The ability to network directly with OEMs and Tier I manufacturers often provides the market that is needed to find the best overall value for our customer’s needs.

With over 30 years experience in the machinery business, our management team has been instrumental in some of the industry’s most coveted sales – responsible for over $50 million in direct sales. We use our indirect influence as consultants for other firms, and understand that it takes a multi-national approach to find the best value for your industrial machinery. We have spanned the globe to create a network of like-minded professionals that are dedicated to achieving the highest possible resale value for your industrial equipment.

We hope that you’ll give us an opportunity to show you that “Complete Asset Solutions” is not just a tag line – it’s what we deliver.


The Levy Recovery Group was founded on the basic principle that we all respect – good service for a fair price. The company began as direct reseller of used industrial equipment (such as CNC, Stamping Presses, Injection Mold, and Grinding). We have expanded to accommodate all of the services for which the market has dictated a need, such as auctions, liquidations, and valuations, appraisals, and decommissioning. Whether marketing an individual specialty machine or liquidating an entire facility, The Levy Recovery Group is the clear choice for obtaining the full potential value for your assets.


Over the years, the continuing globalization of the manufacturing market has directly forced many companies to evolve, or risk being left behind. The Levy Recovery Group was subjected to this same dilemma, and the choice was clear. By expanding beyond the realm of a traditional machinery dealer, our management team was able to put its diverse background to use by expanding the framework of what we do to accommodate the market needs. While we are still the best choice for all your used machinery needs, we are quickly gaining ground as an industry leader in these other areas.

Machinery for Sale: The Levy Recovery Group excels in the buying and selling of industrial machinery. We have a strong global customer base and can offer many options for your consideration.

Auctions / Liquidations: After evaluation of your assets and discussion of your monetary goals, we will determine the best possible avenue for your sale. Through a collaborative relationship with BidSpotter, we excel at formatted online asset sales – which have now become the standard in our industry.

Valuations / Appraisals: Allow our industry experts to examine your asset and cross reference our global database to determine the true market value of your industrial assets.

Decommissioning: Whether you are re-tooling for a new product-run or idling your entire facility, we will create an implementable plan for maximizing the revenue. From the sales of your equipment along with the recycling of obsolete equipment, the end result is the same – leaving your facility with a broom-swept area, with the highest possible return on your assets.

Consulting: As asset specialists, we are fully versed not only in the resale value of your equipment, but also in its value as obsolete machinery. We have vast experience in scrap-related projects, and are frequently retained to ensure that our clients are receiving the highest possible price for their scrap machinery.

Turn-Key Solutions: Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of rigging and demolition contractors that are involved in our asset-based projects. Through these contacts, we have established a strong network of capable contractors that allow us to assist you in ALL of your onsite project needs. These services include, but are not limited to: Rigging, Machinery Moving, Demolition, Tear-Out, Transportation, and so much more.