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Tipton, Indiana, United States

Auction sale 2 of 2 at Steel Parts Manufacturing Facility

Stock #: 103945

SN 961213, with 2 - 13" W belt finishing heads, 6-head rotary brush station, forced air drying station, transfer conveyor

Stock #: 103950

S/N 731068 2.4" stroke, 30-100 spm, 22" L-R x 19" F-B Bed and Ram size, 20 HP hydraulic motor, press control with Wintriss SmartPAC 2 touch pad control with LED Display with 11"W Servo feed, with touch pad control with LED Display, 40" od x .22"W combinaion coil cradle and straightener

Stock #: 103952

Sn 21320, with 1-1/2" stroke, 6" adj, 22" shut height, 150-spm, 54"L-R x 36" F-B Bolster Size, Air Clutch and brake, Air Counterbalance, Cam Operated Scrap Chopper, Shadow IV Light Curtains, Palm Buttons, Minister Electurn Type Control Cabinet. Includes PRE Model P450F18-A-HC Servo Feed and actuated swing down threading table, PRE Model P100CCS18-AS combination 10,000 LB x 60" O.D. x 24" W coil cradle/.250" x 18" W 3 over 4-roll straightener

Stock #: 103955

SN A0220A1550, with Trumpf Touch Screen Control , with LED Display, 2005 Riedel Model L15/21-TR3.23 Refrigerated Dryer - sn 797145, Donaldson Torit Model DFE 2-4-4 cartidge dust collector - sn 12446271, 10HP

Buyers Choice - Buyers may use any Rigging company of their choosing provided they meet the necessary standard general liability requirements and be able to provide certificates of insurance. Removal: Small items that can be carried out should be removed immediately after the auction or at the latest, the week after the auction. All items must be removed by May 5, 2023, unless otherwise discussed and approved by LRG. Any item not removed by May 12, 2023, will be deemed abandoned and ownership will revert back to the seller. Shipping: Shipping and Transportation is the responsibility of the buyer.

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Jamie Pyrzewski
Steel Parts Manufacturing Facility Plant Closure! 2nd Sale! (In Conjunction with Ziff Capital)
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