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Barber Colman Model 16-16 Gear hobber


Tailstock/Bayonett Screw Type Center
Double Thread Worm








  • Max. DP in Steel 6 DP-10 DP
  • Max. Work O.D. 16"
  • Max. Hob Slide Travel 16"
  • Diameter of Hole Through Work Spindle 3-1/8"
  • Max. Hob Diameter 5"
  • Max. Distance Face of Work Spindle to Tail Bracket 29"
  • Max. Vertical Adjustment of Work Spindle 8"
  • Dist. C/L of Work Spindle to Underside of Overarm 8"
  • Dist. C/L of Work Spindle to C/L-of Hob Spindle,Max./Min. 8.75"/0.75
  • Dist. Face of Work Spindle to C/L-of Hob Spindle
  • Max./Min. 19.5"/3.5
  • Max. Hob Slide Swivel Angle Setting - Degrees L or R 45
  • 9 Hob Speeds (when equipped with suitable gears) 59-246 RPM
  • Hob Feeds (when equipped with suitable gears) .0075-.1125"
  • Floor Space (approx.) L x W x H 82"x38"x76"Weight (approx.) 7,000 lbs.



  • Barber Colman
  • 16-16
  • Michigan

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