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Sicmat RASO 400 CNC Gear Shaver

Thanks to its large open C structure the Sicmat RASO 400 is a particularly versatile CNC gear shaving machine tools available. It can shave gears and shafts within a wide dimensional range and when combined with internal and external automation it integrates various ancillary operations. These operations can include chamfering and deburring and centrifugation (spin off) marking and more.

 The Sicmat RASO 400's power and stiffness allow's for quick shaving of gears with large module and face width, such as gears for agricultural machines, earth movers and every kind of industrial vehicle.




Fanuc 16iM Control
Coolant System
Chip Separator
Full Machine Enclosure
Hydraulic System
Vogel Lube
Power Stocks w/Centers


  • Min/Max Module (diagonal cycle): 1-8 mm
  • Min./Max Distance Between Workp./Shaving: 119-329mm 
  • Min/Max. Diameter of the Shaving Cutter: 178-254mm
  • Shaving Cutter Bore Diameter: 63.5 (100)mm
  • Min./Max. Width of Shaving Cutter (std): 19-50.8mm
  • Max. Tooth Width to be Shaved (std): 180mm
  • Table Oscillation: +/- 1.7 degrees
  • Axis "Z" Stroke: 210mm
  • Axis "X" Stroke: +/- 15mm
  • Axis "U" Stroke: +/- 90mm
  • Axis "W" Stroke: +/- 15mm
  • Axis "Y" Stroke: +/- 60mm
  • Net Weight Electric Cabinet Included: 8000 Kg.(18,000 lbs.)
  • Machine Dimensions LxWxH: 121" X 99" X 105"
  • Dimensions for Electrical Cabinet: 87"L X 24"W X 120"H


  • 2000
  • Sicmat
  • RASO 400
  • United States, Mid-West

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