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Liebherr LC502 6-Axis CNC Gear Hobber

This reconditioned CNC machine is designed for smooth operations at the highest level of performance , e.g. in the production of synchronous bodies, double gears, drive gears for commercial motor vehicles and construction machines, gears and pinions for power gearing, etc.


Fanuc 16im Control
Hob Arbor
Hydraulic Work Clamping
180 deg. Swing Arm Auto Loader
Chip Conveyor
Hydraulic Chiller
Full Splash Guard
Torit Mist Collector
Panel Air Conditioner


  • Max. Wheel Diameter: 500mm
  • Gear Width: 400mm
  • Max. Module: 10
  • Table Diameter: 420mm
  • Table Hole: 150mm
  • Distance Hob Workpiece Axis: 40-340mm
  • Max. Distance Table - Midth of Hob Spindle: 575mm Max. Distance Table - Outer Steady: 825mm Tangential Movement of Hob: 200mm Diameter of Hob: 170mm Max. Cutter Length: 230mm
  • Milling Tool Taper: SK 40 Milling Head Swivable: +/- 50 deg.
  • Feeds Axial: 0,1-20 mm/WU
  • Radial Feed: 0,1-4 mm/WU
  • Tangential Adjustment: 0,01-5 mm/WU
  • Rapid Travel X/Y/Z: 2000/3000/1000 mm/min
  • Hob Turning Speeds: 36-460/48-480/72-720 U/min
  • Total Power Requirement: 55 kVA Approx.
  • Weight of Machine: 9,8 tons


  • 2007
  • Liebherr
  • LC502
  • Detroit, Michigan, United States

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