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Chmer HM4030L 3 Axis Mill


  • Main unit model: Chmer HM4030L with linear motor drives
  • Main unit serial: M16060330
  • Main unit manufacture date: March 2018
  • System has the 40,000 RPM spindle
  • Oil shroud washes graphite dust out of the air as it's milled very effectively
  • Controller: Siemens Sinumerik 828D
  • Chiller: Teco LV2001ZW
  • Transformer: YTAM-15GKG
  • Includes graphite filteration system, pumps, etc
  • Includes manuals provided with machine
  • Includes (Renishaw?) tool setter and Marposs program
  • System was commissioned with milling oil as the coolant


Current usage hours:

  • Unit was purchased off a demo show room floor in 2018, where it had been demoed for a tradeshow. It was in near brand new condition when we bought it, and is still in fantastic condition. We have put less than 60hrs on the spindle, and less than 500hrs on the machine.

Upgrades & repairs since Sept 2018:

  • Upgraded lighting + additional power supply to run upgraded lighting
  • Minor tune-up (spindle wasn't aligned properly with tool changer & other misc. parameter adjustments by Knox Machinery)

As of last use, system was fully functional. Linear motors and oil shroud make this a very low maintenance machine.



  • 2018
  • Chmer
  • HM4030L
  • Ohio

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